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Appraising timber

Quantifying standing timber volumes and values is often important for legal, management and/or investment purposes.

What is timber worth?
In central Maine the value of timber on most woodlots averages $400 to $800 per acre, though some stands support more than $4,000 per acre of pine sawtimber.

Does the value of timber matter?
In order to negotiate favorable prices, sellers and potential buyers generally benefit if they know the value of timber assets. Timber appraisals are often required for estate and income tax purposes. Because volume estimates are often determined by sampling, they are generally stated within a described margin of error. In Maine, only licensed foresters may appraise timber.

How much does a timber appraisal cost?
Appraisal costs vary due to parcel size, location, and level of statistical accuracy requested.

"Two Trees prepared our forest management plan for our town woodlots and administered a timber sale. Their services are delivered in a most thorough, compressive professional manner. Harold has been a pleasure to work with and is always willing to take the time to explain any facet of the timber sale from the marking of the timber to negotiating the contract with the logging contractor."

David Larrabee
Litchfield Conservation Commission
Litchfield, Maine