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Getting Started

At the beginning of any working relationship with a forester it is important for landowners to identify what they enjoy about their woodlot and to ask how management may improve those benefits, or not.

Do I need help managing my land?

Maybe. When you are ready it may be beneficial to walk your property with a forester. We’ll talk about your interests and review the opportunities and liabilities of land ownership. We’ll also look for boundary evidence, timber types, brooks and wetlands, and wildlife. We’ll learn about the natural history and management implications of your woodlot.

Loggers keep calling. Is it true that my trees will die, if they aren’t harvested?

Very mature trees die. However, unless a forest is dominated by short-lived species, repeatedly defoliated by insects, or severely scorched by fire, large-scale mortality is rare. We believe that forests are resilient and capable of increased longevity, if managed well.

Can my woodlot’s property taxes be lowered?

In Maine, landowners with more than 10 acres of forestland often are able to reduce their property taxes by enrolling in the Tree Growth Tax Law. Such owners have a forester-approved management plan, submit an application, and are monitored every 10 years thereafter to ensure compliance.

How do I get started?

Give us a call at (207) 377-7196. We’d like to meet you and walk your woodlot, at no charge.