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Planning Management

Landowners may learn about the biological, financial, and legal aspects of their woodlots from forester-prepared plans that schedule management activities in a way that best meet their goals.

Do I need a written plan to manage my woodlot?

Except in a few cases, no. However, you may be able to make more reasoned decisions after reviewing a natural resource inventory and studying the income, expenses, and outcomes of expected activities. Lands enrolled in Maine’s Tree Growth Tax Law and/or the American Tree Farm system do require current plans.

Does planning require a timber inventory?

Generally, no. However, measured inventories can be used to quantify the species composition and size distribution of the woodlot’s trees, predict forest growth, and document a means to minimize timber-income taxes.

How much do plans cost?

Forest management plans range in price due to parcel size and the level of detail requested. However, many landowners utilize subsidy funds, available from both the Maine Forest Service and the US Dept. of Agriculture – Natural Resource Consedrvation Service, to help minimize management planning expenses and/or to seek funding for other forest management activities.